Task Panes

‘S7 Excel Connect’ provides moveable task panes to define the ‘S7 Excel Connect’ functions.

S7 Excel Connect Task Pane Read Datablock

‘S7 Excel Connect’ opens a taskpane when you click a button in the ‘Read’, ‘Read Legacy’ or ‘Write’ tab of the ribbon. Once the taskpane wih the desired function is openend, the user can fill in the required fields.

If all fields are filled in correctly, the Excel target cell can be selected. If the ‘OK’ button is pressed, the function with its parameters will appear in the selected cell.

S7 Excel Connect in Microsoft Excel showing the Task Pane and Ribbon with the GETS7DATABLOCK(...) Example

If a parameter is entered incorrectly, the taskpane will display a validation error.

S7 Excel Connect Showing a Message Box About the Incorrect IP Address