Shows information about the processor details such as number or cores, load percentage, number of processes, … . This function is available via the ‘Processor’ taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=PROCESSOR(…)”

Return Value

The returned value depends on the chosen processor query, see below.


query – Specifies the specific processor data to be obtained, following queries are available:

  • NUMBER_OF_CORES – Number of cores of the processor.
  • LOGICAL_PROCESSORS – Number of logical processors.
  • CURRENT_CLOCK_SPEED – Current clock speed in MHz.
  • MAX_CLOCK_SPEED – Maximum clock speed in MHz.
  • LOAD_PERCENTAGE – Load capacity of the processor averaged to the last second.
  • NUMBER_OF_PROCESSES – Number of processes.
  • ADDRESS_WIDTH – Address width, 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • ARCHITECTURE – Processor architecture, f.e.: “x64”.
  • AVAILIBILITY – Availibility and status of the device, f.e.: “POWER_CYCLE”.
  • CPU_STATUS – Current status of the processor, f.e.: “CPU_ENABLED”..


Excel showing processor (CPU) information in Microsoft Excel using PROCESSOR formula

Instructional Video