Shows information about the drive details such as free space, capacity, volume label, drive type … . This function is available via the ‘Drive Details’ taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=DRIVEINFO(…)”

Return Value

The returned value depends on the chosen drive info query, see below.


driveletter – Name of the drive about which information is to be obtained, f.e.: “C”.

query – Specifies the specific drive info data to be obtained, following queries are available:

  • FREE_SPACE – Free space of the gievn drive.
  • CAPACITY – Capacity of the given drive.
  • DRIVE_TYPE – Drive type of the given drive, f.e.: “NETWORK”.
  • DRIVE_FORMAT – Drive format of the given drive, f.e.:”NTFS” .
  • VOLUME_LABEL – Volume label of the given drive.
  • PERCENT_USED – Percent space used of the given drive.


Excel showing free and total drive capacity using the DRIVEINFO formula

Instructional Video