Shows information about the diskspace details such as total free space, free space of network drives, total capacity, … . This function is available via the ‘Storage’ taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=DISKSPACE(…)”

Return Value

The returned value depends on the chosen diskspace query and returns a value in gigabytes, see below.


query – Specifies the specific diskspace data to be obtained, following queries are available:

  • FREE_SPACE_TOTAL – Free total space of all drives.
  • FREE_SPACE_FIXED – Free space of all fixed (local) drives.
  • FREE_SPACE_NETWORK – Free space of all network drives.
  • FREE_SPACE_REMOVABLE – Free space of all removable drives (such as USB drives).
  • CAPACITY_TOTAL – Total capacity of all drives.
  • CAPACITY_FIXED – Total capacity of all fixed (local) drives.
  • CAPACITY_NETWORK – Total capacity of all network drives.
  • CAPACITY_REMOVABLE – Total capacity of all removable drives (such as USB drives).


Excel showing free and total diskspace using the DISKSPACE formula

Instructional Video