Shows basic details about the computer such as computer name, domain name, model, … . This function is available via the ‘Basic Details’ taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=BASICDETAILS(…)”

Return Value

The returned value depends on the chosen basic details query, see below.


query – Specifies the specific data to be obtained, following queries are available:

  • MACHINE_NAME – Computer name.
  • MANUFACTURER – Manufacturer name of the computer.
  • MODEL – Model name of the computer.
  • DOMAIN – Domain name of the computer.
  • TIMEZONE – Number, in minutes, the operating system is offset from GMT.
  • WORKGROUP – Workgroup of the computer.
  • OS_TYPE – Type of operating system, f.e.: “WINNT”.


Excel showing computername, domain name using the BASICDETAILS formula

Instructional Video