Set a variable memory area value in a Siemens LOGO! module. This function is available via the taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=SETLOGOVMAREA(…)”

Return Value

The function returns ‘OK’ when the value is successfully written to the LOGO module. The funtion returns a specific error message if the value could not be written to the LOGO, see the error messages for a description of the returned error message.


ip – Specifies the ip address of the LOGO module.

dataType – Specifies the datatype of the VM area to write to. Following datatypes are available: ‘BIT’, ‘BYTE’, ‘WORD’, ‘DWORD’, ‘INT’, ‘DINT’, ‘FLOAT’.

value – The value that has to be written to the specific VM area, conditions are depending on the chosen datatype.

vmAddress – Specifies the variable memory area address of the specific variable memory area to write to, must be an integer, the range depends on the used hardware.

bitNo – Specifies the bit number if the chosen datatype is ‘BIT’, must be an integer between 0 and 7.