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Retrieve time data from a Siemens LOGO! module. This function is available via the taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=GETLOGOTIME(…)”

Return Value

The returned value depends on the chosen time query, see below.


ip – Specifies the ip address of the LOGO module.

query – Specifies the specific time data to be obtained, following queries are available:

  • YEAR – Actual year of the LOGO module.
  • MONTH – Actual month of the LOGO module.
  • DAY – Actual day of the LOGO module.
  • HOUR – Actual hour of the LOGO module.
  • MINUTE – Actual minute of the LOGO module.
  • SECOND – Actual second of the LOGO module.
  • DATE_AND_TIME – Actual date and time of the logo module. Don’t forget to change the cell format to a desired date or/and time format in Excel to make the value readable.


Instructional Video