Connection Parameters

IP Address – Specifies the IP address of the ethernet connected Siemens LOGO! Basic Module.

LOGO Type – Specifies the type of the ethernet connected Siemens LOGO! Basic Module. The following LOGO types are available: 0BA7 and 0BA8.

Timeout – Specifies the timeout in milliseconds.

Local TSAP – Specifies the local TSAP, the remote TSAP of the LOGO! device.

Remote TSAP – Specifies the remote TSAP, the local TSAP of the LOGO! device.

Tag Parameters

Client Access – Specifies the access level of the tag. The following levels are available: read only and read write.

Area – Specifies the LOGO! area. The following areas are available: digital input, digital output, digital flag, analog input, analog output, analog flag, network digital input, network digital output, network analog input, network analog output and variabele memory area.

Address – Specifies the address of the selected area.

Data Type – Specifies the data type when the VM area is selected. The following data types are available for the VM area: bool, byte, int 16, double word, int 32 and float.

Start Address – Specifies the start address when the VM area is selected. The desired start address range depends on the chosen data type and is shown in the below table.

Bit Number – Specifies the bit number when a bool data type from the VM area is desired. A value from 0 to 7 can be entered.

AreaData TypeRead/WriteMin. AddressMax. Address
Digital InputBOOLRead124/24
Digital OutputBOOLRead/Write116/20
Digital FlagBOOLRead/Write127/64
Analog InputWORDRead18/8
Analog OutputWORDRead/Write12/8
Analog FlagWORDRead/Write116/64
Network Digital Input1BOOLRead1-/64
Network Digital Output1BOOLRead/Write1-/64
Network Analog Input1WORDRead1-/32
Network Analog Output1WORDRead/Write1-/16
Variabele Memory AreaBOOLRead/Write0850.7/850.7
INT 16Read/Write0849/849
DOUBLE WORDRead/Write0847/847
INT 32Read/Write0847/847

1: Not available for LOGO! 0BA7