Add New Tag


To open the ‘Add New Tag’ in Automation Portal Historian, right-click on the connection where the tag should be created or select the desired connection and click on the ‘Add New Tag’ icon in the menu.

The ‘Read Current Value’ taskpane helps the user configuring the ‘=APCURRVAL(…)’ function in a very user-friendly way. This function reads the current value of a given tag and displays it in any desired Excel cell.

Before a tag can be used in Excel, the tag must first be configured in Automation Portal Historian.

The user can open the ‘Read Current Value’ taskpane by clicking the ‘Read Current Value’ button in the Automation Portal Excel Add-in ribbon.


Tag – Specifies the tag name of the desired tag. The tag name must be exactly the same as configured in the Automation Portal ‘Historian’. The user can also search the tag via the ‘Search Tag’ panel. To make use of the ‘Search Tag’ panel, click the magnifying glass next to the tag field.

Header – When this checkbox is checked, a header with column titles is added to the top of the current value cell.

Timestamp – When this checkbox is checked, the timestamp of the shown value is added to the left of the current value.

Quality – When this checkbox is checked, the quality of the shown value is added to the right of the current value.


1. First open the taskpane by clicking the ‘Read Current Value‘ in the ribbon.

2. Secondly, click the magnifying glass, the ‘Search Tag‘ panel appears.

3. Next, select the desired tag from the list and click ‘OK‘, the tag name will appear in the tag textbox.

4. Thereafter, check the desired ‘Header’, ‘Timestamp’ and ‘Quality’ options.

5. Then, select the desired cell where the value should be displayed in the spreadsheet.

6. Finally, click ‘OK’, the value will appear in the cell.