APTIMESERIES | Read Time Series


Retrieve a time series from a given tag. This function is available via the taskpane as well as directly via the cell “=APTIMESERIES(…)”.

We recommend configuring this formula using the ‘Read Time Series‘ task pane.

Return Value

The function returns a time series of a given tag. The tag must be configured in the Automation Portal Historian before the tag can be read in Microsoft Excel.


Tag – Specifies the tag name of the desired tag. The tag name must be exactly the same as configured in the Automation Portal ‘Historian’

Mode – Specifies the retrieval mode of the time series. Following options are possible:

  • RAW_DATA – Returns all the available archive data in the given time range.

Start – Specifies the start timestamp of the timerange.

End – Specifies the end timestamp of the timerange.

Options – Specifies custom options given by the task pane. Default value is 0.