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Modbus For Excel

Discover Modbus For Excel, the ultimate software solution revolutionizing data exchange between Microsoft Excel and Modbus devices. Seamlessly read and write data, enhance analysis with built-in Historian for uninterrupted data logging. Unlock Excel’s full potential in Modbus integration. Experience streamlined data management and analysis with Modbus For Excel today.

S7 Excel Connect

The ‘S7 Excel Connect’ Add-In enables users to load and write profinet connected Siemens S7 PLC data using Microsoft Excel. The retrieved S7 PLC data can be used to visualize proess data, create custom reports, perform complex calculations on process data, … . With one click on the refresh button, all the data of one or more S7 PLC’s are refreshed in your worksheet. Download your free trial of S7 Excel Connect today!

LOGO For Excel

‘LOGO For Excel’ allows the user to view, log and write data to one or more Siemens LAN connected LOGO! 8 basic modules using Microsoft Excel without the need of a touchpanel or any other hardware, software or driver. Configure in no time Excel spreadsheets that contains live LOGO! data or write recipes to the LOGO! direct from Excel.

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