LOGO For Excel Now Supports 0BA7 Controllers

Experience unparalleled data integration with LOGO For Excel! Our groundbreaking software bridges the gap between Siemens LOGO! controllers and Microsoft Excel, enabling effortless data reading, logging, and writing. With our user-friendly Excel add-in, you gain unmatched control and visibility over your LOGO! controllers’ data directly within Excel.

Exciting Update: Now Supporting LOGO 0BA7 Module!

We’re excited to announce that LOGO For Excel now supports connecting to the LOGO 0BA7 module, expanding our compatibility range. Alongside the already supported LOGO 0BA8 module, this enhancement offers greater flexibility and versatility in integrating data from Siemens LOGO! controllers into Excel.

Uninterrupted Data Capture:

LOGO For Excel sets itself apart by ensuring uninterrupted data capture, even when Microsoft Excel is inactive. This feature guarantees that you never miss crucial data points, allowing for seamless analysis and decision-making.

Revolutionize Your Data Management:

Experience a revolution in data management with LOGO For Excel. Whether you’re monitoring processes, optimizing performance, or analyzing trends, our software empowers you to explore new possibilities and unlock valuable insights.

Try LOGO For Excel Today with a Free 7-Day Trial:

Ready to streamline your data integration process and unlock the full potential of your Siemens LOGO! controllers? Take advantage of our free 7-day trial version and experience LOGO For Excel firsthand. Say goodbye to manual data handling and hello to effortless integration with LOGO For Excel. Explore the endless possibilities and take control of your data like never before!

Posted by Automation Portal / March 26, 2024

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