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Licensing and purchasing

With flexible options for licensing and purchasing, you can easily choose features that best meet your needs. Choose your desired option today, pay securely with PayPal, Stripe, credit card, … and get your license immediately after payment. Choose one of our licensed products below and discover the license options for it. Need help activating your product, visit our licensing support section or contact us.

S7 Excel Connect

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Digital Signed Software

All our software has been digital signed to avoid tampering. This digital signing provides a way to prove that the software came from Automation Portal, and that the software has not changed since it was produced and signed.


Flexible and reliable payment options

You can pay safely your order by using a PayPal or Stripe account or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, … ). The payment is processed and handled entirely by our authorized 3rd party companies. The payment process is entirely secure over a SSL connection to protect your personal data.


Fast delivery

Once your payment is confirmed, your personal license is generated immediately and will be shown directly in your browser. Accidentally closed your browser? No worries, your personal license will also be delivered by email together with your invoice.

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