Featured Solutions

Automation Portal Solutions For Your Business

Easy To Install

Our applications can be easily installed by means of a user friendly package installer. With just a few clicks, the application is installed and ready to use!

Extended Documentation

To support the end-user as best as possible, we provide extensive documentation for each of our applications. So be sure to check our support section!

Free Trial

All our applications can be extensively tested up to 7 days, completely free. After the trial period has expired, a license key can be obtained here.

Continuous Improvement

We, at Automation Portal, do our utmost to continuously improve and expand our applications. Check out our news section to see the latest changes.

User Friendly

The user interfaces of our applications are designed in such a way that everything is clear, simple and well-arranged. This is how we raise user-friendliness to the highest level.

Video Tutorials

To get the most out of our applications and clarify all functions, there’re video tutorials available for all our applications. Check our Youtube channel!

What’s New

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