Exchange your machine data with Microsoft Excel

Get your live and archived machinery data in MS Excel or send data from MS Excel to your machinery via different protocols such as modbus, Siemens S7 + LOGO! and many more with our easy-to-use software packages.

S7 Excel Connect

Connect any profinet connected Siemens S7 device such as S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, ... to the Automation Portal Historian. Thanks to the user friendly Automation Portal Excel Add-in, historical and live data can then be shown in Excel as well as data can be written from Excel to the S7 PLC infrastructure.

LOGO For Excel

Connect Siemens LOGO 7 and LOGO 8 infrastructure through LAN to Automation Portal Historian and configure all essential process data tags. Log as much tags as needed and consult live and logged Siemens LOGO data in Microsoft Excel via the Automation Portal Excel Add-in. On top of all that, data can be written from Excel to the Siemens LOGO infrastructure.

Install 'Network Tools For Excel' Today!

Once the download is complete, the application can be easily installed by means of a user friendly package installer. With just a few clicks, the application is installed and ready to use in Microsoft Excel!


What makes Automation Portal unique


The user interfaces of our applications are designed in such a way that everything is clear, simple and well-arranged. This is how we raise user-friendliness to the highest level.


We, at Automation Portal, do our utmost to continuously improve and expand our applications. Check out our 'Latest News' section to see the latest changes.


To support the end-user as best as possible, we provide extensive documentation for each of our applications. So be sure to check our support section.

Support Section


All our applications can be extensively tested up to 7 days, completely free. After the trial period has expired, a license key can be obtained in the 'Buy Now' section.

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Exchange Siemens LOGO! data with MS Excel

Connect Siemens LOGO! to Microsoft Excel with 'LOGO For Excel' and exchange realtime data between LOGO! 8 and Excel.

Latest News

Keep in touch with the latest news and events
‘S7 Excel Connect’ now offers optional packages

‘S7 Excel Connect’ now supports data writing from Excel to any S7 PLC

The latest ‘S7 Excel Connect’ release delivers even more functionality on your ...

20 Dec
S7ExcelReader S7-1500 tutorial added to support section

Today we added an S7ExcelReader example using an S7-1500 CPU reading live data in Excel. Ch...

20 Dec
S7ExcelReader used as commissioning reporting tool

S7ExcelReader used as reporting tool for analog in- and output to complete the commissionin...

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