Get your live and archived machinery data in MS Excel or send data from MS Excel to your machinery via different protocols such as Modbus, Siemens S7 and many more with our easy-to-use software packages.

S7 Excel Connect

Introducing S7 Excel Connect, a robust software solution facilitating seamless communication with Siemens S7 PLCs. Tailored for efficiency, this innovative tool ensures smooth data exchange between Siemens S7 PLCs and Microsoft Excel. Experience real-time data display and bidirectional data transfer within the familiar Excel environment. Furthermore, S7 Excel Connect serves as a standalone datalogging system, enabling continuous logging even when Excel is inactive. Upon reactivation of Excel, historical data can be effortlessly retrieved from the integrated Historian application, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data management and analysis.

LOGO For Excel

Meet 'LOGO For Excel' – the ultimate solution for seamless data integration! Our powerful software effortlessly connects Siemens LOGO! controllers to Microsoft Excel, enabling easy data reading, logging, and writing. With a user-friendly Excel add-in, you gain unparalleled control over your LOGO! data. What sets us apart? LOGO For Excel continues logging data, ensuring uninterrupted capture even when Excel is inactive. Revolutionize your data management – explore the possibilities with LOGO For Excel!

Try 'Modbus For Excel' Today

Streamline data management with seamless communication between Excel and Modbus devices.
Unlock the full potential of your Excel-based Modbus integration today. Download your 7 day free trial now!

Latest News

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